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The moon Akginzaa with its orbiting Hex Station is the commercial and scientific hub of the star system. It is a frozen ice rock of a moon orbiting the third planet, a small gas giant creatively named Akginzaa 3. The surface of the moon boasts a combination of dangerous flora and fauna, hazardous terrain, and persistent sub-zero temperatures. All together this makes life for everyone who lives, works, and visits exceptionally risky, but also hugely profitable and exciting.

Some time ago, an uncountable number of vast interconnected caves and underground seas was discovered deep beneath the moon’s surface. Valuable minerals and exotic life thrive within this underground maze. This discovery caused an explosive growth of numerous interested parties to the system. Arriving factions such as independent mining operations looking to strike big and bespoke tourism groups aiming to maximize profits work toward their own selfish goals. All openly ignoring the consequences which only further complicates life for everyone else on and above the moon and across the entire Akginzaa star system.

The Akginzaa Star System (pamphlet is designed for Death in Space, but can be used as an adventure location for your favorite sci-fi tabletop RPG instead. Included in the tri-fold sheet is a map of the star system's planets and moons, faction briefs, notable locations, and a few adventure hooks to get started. Details of the star system planets are concise, but flavorful, and referees can easily include this into their games as the main location for an adventure or a single mission site in an ongoing campaign.

The Akginzaa Star System is an independent production by Pinguino Balena and is not affiliated with Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the DEATH IN SPACE Third Party License.

DEATH IN SPACE is © Stockholm Kartell and/or other authors.


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